Handmade funky earrings 80s

Handmade unique ear-candy

Ingacecilia jewelry stones are hand-sculpted from recycled fabrics with a multilayered, unique technique. There’s never a pair exactly alike.

Ingacecilia earrings were born from a serious addiction to earrings & from the passion for creating beautiful things by hand.

Hand painted fabric

Everything starts from recycled fabrics, which are mostly cutting waste from sewing. Fabrics are either vintage, hand-painted or mix of both.

Big leopard earrings

Earrings gets the final durable form with epoxy, which gives a clear & water resistant finish, imitating the look of glass. These are super lightweight!

Coral Reef Earrings

Earrings are made as one-offs and small batches of 2–4 pairs per design. Each jewelry "drop" is built around a certain fabric and past drops will not be re-created.

The making process

Fun colorful statement jewelry brand

Frequently asked

Will sold out earrings be restocked?

Sold out Ingacecilia earrings will not be restocked. The fabrics are always recycled and therefore limited, and each hand-painted design is unique.

Can I order custom-made earrings?

Ingacecilia does not make custom-made earrings. Instead, the focus is on creating versatile collections with lots of different size and color options. Small adjustments can usually be made to the earrings, such as replacing the upper stone with a hoop. 

Can I reserve a pair of earrings from an upcoming drop?

Earrings can not be reserved because otherwise they might sell out before the actual drop. Ingacecilia wants to give all customers equal chances for shopping the earrings. 

What is the epoxy coating in Ingacecilia earrings?

Epoxy is a versatile and commonly used plastic type for different kinds of projects, such as coating, sealing, decorating or repairing. Ingacecilia only uses epoxies that are specifically intended for crafting and completely safe for consumer use, such as jewelry. It's used because of its lightness & durability. The goal is simply to make comfortable & affordable earrings, that withstands active use.