Ear-candy that will sweeten your everyday life.

Ingacecilia is an original, sincere and fun choice of earrings for any fellow earring-lovers out there!


Candy-like stones for the Ingacecilia earrings are individually handcrafted from recycled fabrics, which are either hand-painted or vintageThe fabrics are hardened with a thin plastic coating which makes the earrings very durable. 

Due to the lightweight materials these earrings are extremely comfortable to wear!

Hand-painted with own custom-mixed colors

(which makes the color range super unique!)

Patterned "Vintage Edition" earrings

Made from authentic vintage fabrics from the 80’s & 90’s.

Non-fragile & water-resistant epoxy coating

With a gloss finish

100 % unique

There is only 1–5 pairs of each design because of the limited amount per fabric. But also because Ingacecilia wants to keep things exclusive.

Stainless steel ear posts

Allergy friendly & non-tarnish

Made in small monthly drops,

in continuously changing colors and designs. 


I’ve always been ”the one with the earrings” and I’ve always felt my best while wearing a good pair. And as I started to make earrings for others, I’ve come to realize that there’s a whole community out there who feels the same way. 


A good pair of earrings will boost your confidence, add lighthearted fun with minimal effort and even put a smile on the viewers. And that's why Ingacecilia believes in the power of earrings. 


Ingacecilia earrings were born from a serious addiction to earrings, from a special love for colors and from the passion for craftmanship. 


I struggled for years to find earrings that were colorful enough, big enough and just generally unique enough. I needed something to match my style. Ingacecilia earrings had to happen. 


Because of the ”craftybitch” that I am, I wanted to craft my earrings by myself. After a half year of experimenting with different materials, I had found my special technique and finished my first mini collection of Ingacecilia earrings in Spring 2019. 

The idea of putting recycled fabrics inside my jewelry came from a fabric painting course. Fabrics also felt like a natural choice for me because of my sewing background. One day I was looking at my painting scraps and thought: ”What a beautiful piece of jewelry this would make!”. And the rest is history.

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