80s style jewelry

Handmade unique ear-candy

Each Ingacecilia jewelry stone is made from recycled fabrics & hand-sculpted to its final durable form with partly bio-based plastic. There’s never a pair exactly alike!


Handmade with a multilayered technique, that has been carefully developed & perfected since 2019.

Ingacecilia earrings were born from a serious addiction to earrings, from a special love for colors & from the passion for craftsmanship.


Fabric painting


Made with own custom-mixed colors, which makes the color range super unique!

80s style earrings


Made with authentic vintage fabrics, mostly from the 80's & 90's.

Extremely lightweight

Earrings doesn't get any more comfortable than this.

Resin jewelry

Durable & water-resistant coating

Partly bio-based epoxy.

Ear posts

Allergy friendly stainless steel ear posts

Submerged into the jewelry, creating the strongest possible bonding.


Unique jewelry drops


Earrings are released in limited edition collections.

Upcoming drop dates are first announced on Instagram.

Big stud earrings in pink


Since the earrings contains plastic, Ingacecilia wants to make sure that this material is used with care & responsibility:

  • Coating is partly bio-based, which means that it has a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics.

  • New earrings are made based on the demand, making sure that there is never any leftover stocks.

  • Earrings are designed with the priority to minimize leftover waste during production.

  • Ingacecilia only uses plastics that are designated to be safe for consumer use & specifically intended for handmade projects.

  • All jewelry seconds are utilized for making jewelry for personal use and family. Completely failed jewelry bits that can not be re-used are sorted as burnable waste, where they be utilized to generate energy.

With the right maintenance and care, the Ingacecilia earrings will serve you for many years (hopefully decades) to come!

Have a look at the jewelry care instructions.