Frequently asked questions

When will your sold out items restock?

Unfortunately, most of the Ingacecilia products can’t be restocked. The fabrics are always recycled and therefore limited, and each hand-painted print is unique. If you snooze you might lose, but don’t worry, there’s new designs coming out every month!


Do you make custom-made earrings?

Ingacecilia does not do custom-made earrings. Instead, the focus is on creating versatile collections with lots of different size and color options. Small adjustments can be made to the earrings (for free) such as changing the jump ring color or replacing the upper stone with a hoop. 


Can I reserve a pair of earrings beforehand from an upcoming drop?

Reservations are not accepted in these cases since each design is always limited & otherwise they might sell out before the actual drop. Upcoming drop dates are announced on Instagram.

Where do you source your materials from?

Everything from fabrics, fabric paints, jewelry metal parts, coating and shipping boxes are mainly sourced from Finnish businesses. Display cards and other business related paper goods are printed locally in Helsinki. Any other jewelry making materials are sourced around Europe.

What is the plastic coating in Ingacecilia jewelry?

It is epoxy which is a versatile and commonly used adhesive for different kinds of projects, such as coating, sealing, decorating or repairing. Ingacecilia only uses epoxies that are specifically intended for crafting and completely safe for consumer use, such as jewelry. 

Is it being used safely?

Ingacecilia only uses epoxies that are designated to be safe for home use. Everything is made securely accordingly to the safety instructions, which includes wearing protective gloves, protective clothing, safety goggles & a respirator mask. Everything is made in a highly ventilated separate room, away from kids & pets. 

Why is it used for Ingacecilia earrings?

It’s a great price-quality ratio. Even just a thin layer makes the earrings extremely durable, perfect for everyday use and even water-resistant. The coating gives the earrings a clear glossy finish, imitating the look of glass, while still being affordable. One of the best qualities is also the lightness of the material. The goal is simply to make affordable & comfortable jewelry, that withstands active use.


With the right maintenance and care, the Ingacecilia earrings will serve you for many years (hopefully decades) to come! Have a look at the jewelry care instructions.