Turn a bad hair day into a good day.

The playful & easy hair accessory by Ingacecilia are made from vintage fabric treasures.


The Ingacecilia multi-way scarf is designed to the perfect length to be easily tied in multiple different ways around the head, hair or neck. 


Spice up any messy bun or sleek ponytail with an extra large scrunchie.

Psst. All hair accessory can be machine washed (delicate wash). 

How to: tie the Multi-Way Scarf & XL Scrunchie like a pro. 

What is vintage fabric?

They’re fabrics that were manufactured at least 20 years ago. Ingacecilia mostly uses fabrics from the 80's & 90's.

Where are these fabrics sourced from?

Each fabric is individually hand-picked from various sources, such as second hand shops or independent sellers around Finland.