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Ingacecilia products in a nutshell

  • All products contains recycled or upcycled fabrics.

  • Strongly 80s/90s inspired.

  • Handmade at the Ingacecilia studio in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Materials are sourced locally & around Europe.



Hand-sculpted with a multilayered, unique technique. There’s never a pair exactly alike!



Made in batches of only 4-8 pieces per fabric! Can be worn both at the shoulder & waist.



Super fun & comfortable designs that are made by order, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Available EU sizes: 36-54

The products:


The making process: earrings

1. Everything starts with a fabric...

Hand painted fabric

Fabrics are mostly cutting waste from sewing. Fabrics are either vintage, hand-painted or mix of both.

2. Sculpted into durable stones

Big leopard earrings

Fabrics are hand-sculpted into durable & lightweight stones with epoxy, which gives a clear & water resistant finish.

3. Released in unique drops

Coral Reef Earrings

Earrings are either made as one-offs or small batches per design. Earrings are released in "drops" with changing themes.


Design principles


Uniqueness has been the mindset since day one, making sure that you as a customer can stand out from the crowd.

Quality over quantity

Quality & thoughtful design is more important than big amounts. All products are also made with the priority to minimize leftover waste during production.

For everyday use

Ingacecilia creates mood-boosting fashion that is practical yet beautiful, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Designed for active use!


Frequently asked

Will sold out products be restocked?

No, each drop is always unique and can't be re-created. 

Can I reserve something from an upcoming drop?

Reservations are not accepted before or during a new release. The exact time for a new release is announced on Instagram & this website approx. 2 weeks ahead.

Can I order custom-made earrings?

Ingacecilia does not make custom-made earrings. Instead, the focus is on creating versatile collections with lots of different size and color options. However, you can always ask for adjustments on available earrings, such as replacing the upper stone with a hoop!

Can I have something custom-sewn from my own fabrics?

Yes, clothes can be custom-made if you have vintage fabrics that aligns with the Ingacecilia vibe! Ingacecilia only makes its own designs and does not work as a personal seamstress. Bags are not custom-made.

What is the epoxy coating in Ingacecilia earrings?

Epoxy is a versatile and commonly used plastic type for different kinds of projects, such as coating, sealing, decorating or repairing. Ingacecilia only uses epoxies that are specifically intended for crafting and completely safe for consumer use, such as jewelry. It's used because of its lightness & durability. The goal is simply to make comfortable & affordable earrings, that withstands active use.

Do you take fabric or sewing supply donations?

Yes! I'm also happy to give a fair payment for bigger donations. The items needs to be:

- Vintage (60s–90s)

- In good condition & smell-free

- For licensing reasons anything else but Moomin or Marimekko

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