Ingacecilia is a one woman jewelry business based in Helsinki, Finland.

Everything is handmade with love, passion & attention to detail, with the goal of bringing joy to those who love to express themselves through their personal style.

Inspired by vintage fashion (80's/90's) & disco music, Ingacecilia is a delightful combination of sweet colors, funky prints & organic shapes.

Embracing to be empowered by the feeling of wearing a good pair of earrings.

Summer jewelry photography

Design principles

Originality & Uniqueness

Originality has been the mindset of Ingacecilia since day one. This is achieved by designing own colors & shapes for the jewelry. Only the metal parts are bought elsewhere. With the original jewelry making technique, Ingacecilia has managed to create its own, recognizable style, that doesn't follow trends.

Do you hate the feeling of seeing someone else wearing the same piece as you? Yup, me too. 

That's why uniqueness is always present in everything that Ingacecilia does. Each product is made in limited batches or as one-offs, making sure that you as a customer can have the most special & personal bond with your one of a kind piece.

Quality over quantity

Ingacecilia does not produce new stuff just for the sake of it. Everything is always made with thought and attention to detail. Each collection is perfected for just as long as it needs to. Collections are season-free, and therefore Ingacecilia does not run any season sales. 

Responsibly made

Everything is made by hand at the Ingacecilia home-studio in Helsinki, Finland. More environmental friendly options are incorporated into every area, such as a low-waste packaging on online orders, and by featuring recycled fabrics in all product categories. All products are designed thoughtfully, with the priority to minimize leftover waste during production. And most importantly: the products are designed to last.

Funky colorful earrings