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With the right maintenance & care, Ingacecilia products will serve you for many years (hopefully decades) to come.


Storage: Safe from getting scratched, in a dry place & away from heat. 

Cleaning: Wipe the earrings with a soft cloth for a quick-fix. For a proper-fix, add water & dish soap to the cloth. Rinse carefully with lukewarm water and press dry immediately. Avoid getting water on metal parts.

Always remove your earrings while showering, swimming or going to the sauna. Handle with clean hands.

Avoid the touch of perfumes, hairspray and other chemicals. Avoid prolonged exposure to + 40°C heat.


Washing: Machine wash 40 °C  (except 30 °C for viscose fabrics), turned inside out & buttoned down. 

Ironing: Medium setting (two dots). Be careful to not flatten the ruffles.

Tips for making your piece of clothing last longer: Treat stains immediately by hand (cold water usually works best). Wear with an undershirt to protect from sweat & deodorant. Air dry after washing & storage on a hanger. 


Washing: 30 °C machine wash with hand-wash program, with the zippers closed. Using a laundry bag is recommended. Make sure the bag is empty. 


After washing: While the bag is still wet, reblock the bag back to its shape & let air dry flat. 

Ironing: Low temperature (one dot).

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