Take good care of your earrings

With the right maintenance and care, the Ingacecilia earrings will serve you for many years (hopefully decades) to come:


  • Cleaning: Wipe the earrings with a clean microfiber cloth for a quick-fix. For a proper-fix: Wipe the earrings with a cloth sprayed with all-purpose cleaner. Rinse carefully under running lukewarm water and press dry immediately with a towel.

  • Storage: Safe from possible scratches (Ingacecilia jewelry box), in a dry place & away from sunlight and heat. Temperatures above 54°C will damage the coating. 

  • Avoid: The touch of perfumes, hairspray and other chemicals. Handle only with clean hands.

  • Always remove your earrings while showering, swimming or going to the sauna. 

  • Ingacecilia earrings are water-resistant, but not proven to be 100 % waterproof. You can carefully wash them under running lukewarm water, but you should always press them dry immediately and never leave them soaking in water. 

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